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This is for you if:

✅ You speak English every day, but don't know what the examiners want.

✅ You need fast guidance and resources to study independently.

✅ You want answers to specific questions about IELTS.

✅ You need clarity on your current speaking level. 


One call will get you on the right track! 

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VIP Private IELTS Coaching Session (Zoom)

After this 50 minute session, you will have

  • experienced a full IELTS speaking test.
  • received verbal feedback on YOUR strengths and areas for improvement.
  • answers to YOUR questions about the IELTS exam.

BONUS - within 48 hours you will also get:

  • a recording and transcript of YOUR speaking test with highlighted comments and suggestions for improvement. 
  • written, confidential feedback
  • a list of free resources for further independent study based on YOUR specific needs.

Get clarity and peace of mind. Save time and energy. Know exactly what you need to do next for just $97 (United States Dollars) limited time offer. Regular price $147.

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Welcome! In case we haven’t already met, I’m Rachel.

If you need quick, honest, individual feedback on your speaking and a roadmap for your next IELTS action steps, look no further.

If you’re busy and don’t have hours to spend searching the Internet or taking courses not relevant to your needs, fast-track your success.

I’ve been a professional English language specialist in universities, colleges and schools all over the globe for 30 years and worked with thousands of students. Witnessing that 💡lightbulb🤩 moment when IELTS success becomes achievable is one of the most rewarding parts of my career.

Book a zoom call with me now. We'll do a speaking test, I'll give you focused advice and answer all your questions.

I look forward to working with you!

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What clients say about working with me:

I highly recommend all executives and busy professionals to take this session if you are planning to get IELTS soon. Rachel will help you achieve the score you want without complications or wasting unnecessary time.  

I did the IELTS coaching call with Rachel because I am fluent and use English every day at work and in my studies, but didn’t know much about the IELTS exam.

I was surprised at how smooth and organised the session was.  Afterwards, I knew what to expect and what to work on such as exploring different topics and structuring my answers well.

Rachel’s comments on my recording were very clear and I noticed that I need to be careful with tenses and use a wider range of vocabulary. I wasn’t aware of that before I heard the recording, and now I know what to focus on in my preparation.

Ali Elkinany. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Yes! Save me time now!

Off to study Business Management in Canada!

One session with Rachel increased my speaking confidence, fluency and accuracy, and she told me the main things to focus on.

The recording and transcript of my speaking were extremely useful and the materials she recommended were exactly what I needed so I didn’t waste any time.

I wouldn’t have known that I repeated myself when I talked, or that I had some high level grammar errors, if Rachel hadn’t told me.

The small amount of time was used productively and Rachel was professional, supportive and very friendly so I felt comfortable asking questions.

Aman. Bhopal, India.

Yes! Increase my confidence now!

I absolutely recommend Rachel for IELTS preparation not only because she is supportive and friendly, but also because she is very knowledgeable about the requirements and will ensure you get to the level you are looking for.

Before the IELTS coaching call with Rachel, I was worried that I would get asked a topic that I knew nothing about, and anxious that I would run out of words or ideas in the exam. I felt confident after the call because Rachel was extremely warm and reassuring.

I loved our discussion, the follow up recording and comments that  pinpointed all the aspects that I needed to focus on. My grammar is very strong, but I was amazed at some mistakes that I didn’t know I made. The recording really brought home to me  that I must  use a greater variety of vocabulary and not be intimidated to use more specific terms. I am now careful of overusing certain fillers. I also focus on slowing down and concentrating.

I now know what is required and I am working on my own to improve. 

Salma. Dubai, UAE.

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